sábado, 23 de noviembre de 2013

Political Activist Alejandro Silva illegally arrested by Nicolas Maduro's Government

The political activist of Primero Justicia, Alejandro Silva, whom also acts as Henrique Capriles key organization staffer, is one of the detainees announced yesterday by the national president, Nicolas Maduro.

The governor of Miranda and leader of the National Unity Platform, Henrique Capriles, through his Twitter account reported that he was beaten and taken from his Hotel before he could travel to Maracaibo and continue the tour. Similarly, Capriles urged people to join the march scheduled for today all around the country.

This situation shows that the regime has rapidly turned into a more repressive government under Chavez' succesor Nicolas Maduro, as it was explained by CDDA President Leopoldo Martinez this week in Fox News Latino in his piece Who Really Runs Venezuela.

In a letter to all accredited foreign ambassadors in Venezuela, the leader of the MUD, Henrique Capriles Radonski, called on the international community to condemn Mr. Silva's arbitrary arrest and the increased political violence against the opposition in Venezuela. He called for "all necessary mechanisms to be adopted to halt these type of improper aggressions that harm Venezuela's democratic nature." He also demanded that Silva be immediately released by the Government.