lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

Venezuela Developments, January 2014

Our Venezuela Developments Newsletters for January 2014 brings very interesting analysis and information this month. An Editorial by our President Leopoldo Martinez, discusses the post December Municipal Election implications and outlook:
 "... the inevitable recognition of this electoral result by the MUD helps PSUV to move forward with a “varnish of legitimacy”, particularly because the opposition had no other choice than to energize electoral participation by engaging in this municipal election with a national campaign against Maduro that was somehow portrait as a referendum on his presidency. 

However, PSUV not only lost the most important capital cities in Venezuela, it had set backs in symbolic capitals regained by the opposition such as Barinas, the capital of the State of Barinas, which is Chavez homeland and where the governor is the brother of the late president. 

This reality has imposed on the government the need to promote a political dialogue with the opposition, and to that the MUD (through its parliamentary fraction and newly elected majors) has engaged. The Dialogue sessions were a great window for the opposition to broadcast its message across the nation, while advocating an agenda focused on the two greater problems Venezuela now faces: Security and the Economy; and for which Maduro and his cabinet have shown lack of initiative and ideas..."
Complementing such analysis, a report by our Fellows from Polinomics shows  that Venezuelans Support Price Control Measures, brings some key numbers for an assessment of the public opinion climate: 
70% approve Maduro's price control measures.
49% reject Government's plan to increase gas prices. 
80% reject a new devaluation. 
63% still see Henrique Capriles as Venezuela's opposition leader.

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